Method of Sale

Our agents will take you through the options and help you decide the best method for selling your home, based on your property’s style, location, current market conditions and how quickly you want to sell. Private…

Understanding median prices when looking to sell

Author: REIWA President Damian Collins. According to REIWA’s latest estimates, Perth’s median house price will settle at $478,000 for the March 2020 quarter and will remain relatively stable for the next few months. With individual suburbs…

Buying and selling in the same market

Author: REIWA President Damian Collins. Property market commentary is almost always focused on the numbers. However, unless you are a seasoned property investor who understands the market and trends, many of these statistical observations may not be that helpful to you….

How to maximise your selling price

Author: REIWA President Damian Collins. Most property owners understand that to get the best result for their property when selling, they need to attend to completing jobs around the house that perhaps they had been intending to do for years….